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There isn’t an open beach area to get into the lake for swimming. While the view isn’t as dramatic as The Chief or Tunnel Bluffs, it is still awe-inspiring. After ten more minutes, you’ll come out to an exposed outcrop which provides an obstructed view of Petgill Lake below. (access to Alderson Lake, Carthew Lakes, the Summit, Summit Lake). We reserve the right to remove photos or comments we deem unacceptable in our sole discretion. There may be some cairns to help you. address. ALSO: recommend using D.'s comments on getting to the actual trail; this could very possibly confusing ... Miss the sign at the left side of the active muddy logging road, so go too far along the logging road.

Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. If you come across some blue ropes I n the first 500m of the trail, you're on the wrong one. If you are a beginner hiker this trail isn't anything you too hard, but the ups and downs through the ravines will be difficult! It's quite old and hardly legible but if you're paying attention, you shouldn't miss it. The lake was alright, but everything around it seems quite overgrown, and there isn't really a nice spot (at least that I found) to sit next to the water for lunch. Overall, it was a beautiful hike. At about 2 hours, or 4.6 km, you will come out to an exposed outcrop. Petgill Lake trail leads to a small lake. Thanks Eric for the heads up. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. Posted: February 28, 2015 07:36:00 PM PST. Petgill Lake? Petgill Lake 06/08/12. Here are some helpful pointers: -Park at Murrin Lake Parking Lot (gates open at 7am, close at dusk) -Cross the Highway and proceed towards Squamish about 100 meters until you see the wooden sign for Petgill Lake. No “veering” as described. A bit muddy at the top. My boyfriend and I did this trail on Sunday October 16th after reading the previous comment. You can either go around the lake (lake loop is another hour) or just out to the viewpoint and back. This section is rooty but easy to follow. Did this hike yesterday Sept 29, 2014. View at the top is also magnificent. 2012/08/06 Day hike Petgill Lake, Squamish, swim admin. Worth the exhausting hike up. During the hike to Petgill Lake there will be stretches of trail where you'll be lifting your knee above your hip as you progress up the hill. For our full website terms and conditions including our legal guidelines for user postings and comments on, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I agree for the MUST HIKE trail. From there, about 10 minutes to a very beautiful viewpoint , a bit of wind and fresh air. The viewpoint is just off to the left of the trail. So be appropriately cautious/prepared for bears. Hence the fact that you can't hike it on a weekday. TLDR: when in doubt, pick the path to the right. The walk in the woods is pretty good. State Police Seeks Participants for National Missing Children's Day Poster Contest Regarding Dungi's confusion I believe Kevin's instruction to go right at each fork is misleading. Thanks D for the update on the trail! Easy to follow orange trail diamond markers. We were two girls alone in the forest, and we saw some signs for bear trap, so we decided to turn around and give up. Regarding the logging, you do walk down an active logging road for a good distance (definitely longer than I was expecting) in the middle of the route. This trail is currently closed due to BC Hydro acitivity. It took us 5 hours, which included going the wrong way for 15 minutes at the T junction, and having a great lunch at the top. Beautiful day up there! The logging road is now deactivated and hiking during the week is acceptable. Some signs would be nice. The description for this trail probably needs to be updated, perhaps once the logging road building is completed. Elevation gain: 350 m / 1148 ft. The passage is through sensitive natural terrain and the trail is kept narrow by design as it is only intended to be used by hikers. Was up here 2 weeks ago. In case you're wondering, the best place to eat is right where you emerge from the trail and can see the lake (there is an open rock area). Our plan was simple. I created a video (see below) to show what the directional arrows look like and the views from the top. The weather was nice and sunny. If you find it, please call the number written on my business card placed in the secret pocket inside the hat. Vehicles parked illegally at Murrin Provincial Park will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Category: Sunny Days, yes! The only caveat I would add is that there are now several junctions and T's in the road. We ended up having to transverse unmarked territory/steep incline/random trees/branches to get back to the correct trail. A one-time donation through PayPal helps with monthly website hosting costs. Trail is well marked, and easy to find viewpoint. The turnout is a few minutes beyond Britannia Beach (Britannia Mine Museum). We completed it in 5.5 hours. a good one, very doable, not for beginners though, some stretches on the first section are narrow. Trail is marked with orange reflective squares. On the left they lead into the trees, alongside the face of the cliff - I explored this first. THere were orange markers everywhere, which made it difficult to know which direction to follow. This trail is quite steep (some parts are similar to the grouse grind) 2. The hike, with a short break for lunch, took us 4 hours. Petgill Lake 06/08/12. The arrows on the road shown in the other comments were NOT THERE. When we backtracked, we were lucky enough to run into a kind hiker who pointed us in the right direction and actually drew arrows in the dirt for us along the logging road because it gets a little tricky. Started at 9.50am and not meet anyone in the way to the lake. We try to go hiking every weekend as much as the weather permits. There was about 10 cm of ice on the lake. -FOLLOW THE ORANGE TREE MARKERS and ORANGE FLAGGING TAPE - this will be your saving grace when in the forest. Parking lot is currently closed but the park is open. Von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. There are a couple lookouts on the way up and then the major lookout about 10 minutes beyond the lake itself which was definitely worth checking out! The actual hike is very nice. You will continue climbing with a large rock wall on your left. Went down in 1 hour with a quick pace. Cars not parked in designated parking areas are subject to towing. This one is even closer to Vancouver, sitting in the mountains above Britannia Beach. Took 5 hours total with lunch and a swim at the top. The first section of the hike comes up through the forest and out of earshot of the highway, before connected with the road. Not a lot of snow. Started our hike at 8:15 am and we're back in the car at 12:00 pm. About 350 meters into the hike, the trail turns into the woods, away from the highway. The logging road was trickier but just keep your eyes peeled for the large rock arrows that people have made on the logging road. But that also included going to the lookout point. Howe Sound Crest Trail - a magnificent day hike from Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove - Duration: 15:45. barry d Recommended for you Myself being 56 yrs and the slowest in the group. From the viewpoint, you have great views of Howe Sound. It took us 5 hours, which included going the wrong way for 15 minutes at the T junction, and having a great lunch at the top. You can electronically Unsubscribe at any time. Featuring over 110 hiking trails around Vancouver, this eBook produced by Outdoor Vancouver is your guide to the best hikes in southwest British Columbia. have fun! Look for the "PETGILL LAKE" sign at the start. Once finished follow your steps back. When you get to the Lakeview, make sure you take the extra 30 minute and continue to the viewpoint! Did this hike yesterday. Much more enjoyable than fighting the tour bus like crowds at Garabaldi or Joffre lakes. Just got back (Feb 22) and this was such a rewarding hike. Just climb over a few logs and you'll be back on the proper trail. Worthy to hike to the lookout as its only a few minutes from the lake. -when you reach a log(about hip-chest height on the rock face) with a sunburned diamond shape marker you've reached a very critical point(the marker is a faint yellow in colour). Your email address will NOT be displayed on the site. The lake is nice, but do continue on to the viewpoint beyond for a great view of Howe Sound. The mid section of the hike is spent hiking up what was an old, overgrown logging road, but due to recent activity is back to an active logging road. It was a little tricky to find the markers for the path from the highway into the forest, but the rest of the path is very well marked. The trail starts quite steep, and a bit overgrown, but clears out once you gain some elevation. Latest News. © 2010 Squamish Trails Society. A very quiet trail which is well-marked and has lots of ups and down going (and on the return trip). writes: Sunday 2 Feb. 2014 With no snow in the bush we two New Zealand superannuitants took 2.5 hours in to the lake. Here is the video: -Excellent hike for avid early season hikers. We got a little bit lost because there is a new logging road that has been recently created. You don't need to be a professional athlete and we'll all start together as friends, and finish together as friends. But there is one area which has been cleared out, where you will find a small access point. By: naturelover4ever. Nice little hike. Here is a look inside the day. It was pleasant to experience a trail with absolutely no bugs. Statistics. Petgill Lake 06/08/12. team; privacy Did this hike today and it was really nice. It spans 11.5 kilometers and will take you about six hours to complete. Of those, Slhanay had the biggest average percentage increase over the summer, at 142 per cent. 4) The re-entrance of the trail forms a clear "T" intersection with the logging road. Three friends hiked this route on Sat 5 Aug and was lovely - well marked trail, mixture of rocky climbing, gently inclines and declines, mix in some rocky paths and soft moss and cool forest. Required fields are marked *. The trail at this time of year about 15 minutes in was almost non-existent. The lake and views were not as “spectacular” as other hikes in the area but still well worth the trip. It was less busy and more secluded. To get to the parking lot, take the Sea to Sky Highway, north, towards Squamish. Minimal break was taken at the lake due to very rainy weather. There is both uphill and downhill throughout 3. I We found walking sticks near the entrance and left them and extras when we left. Once you've turned right at the first aid sign, hike maybe 10 minutes up the logging road. The parking lot is off the Sea to Sky Highway, by Browning Lake. Recipes 0. You should check this information yourself. Didn't see anyone else the whole time. Keep an eye out for them because they can be very helpful just in case. Pre and post logging road, this was one of the prettiest hikes I've been on. Yet, we struggled to find the lake of this trail. There is a myriad of trail markers and no well-defined path. This is where the gravel road part begins. 2) You will reach a 4 way junction - head straight through 3) Continue until you see the first aid sign, take a right at this T-junction 4) On the left you will find the entrance back to the trail it is currently marked with the same "warning this trail is closed M-F" sign as you find at the trailhead by the highway. After hiking up a very steep section, I came across quite a bit of brush. But it can be easy to miss the trail and keep walking along the road. Tips and Tricks: -It says no camping but there were remnants of a fire and tent site when we got to the lake... use good judgement. Email or call 517-676-2233. The trail here is challenging, with some light scrambling. A representative from the B.C. 11km return, elevation gain is about 645m. There are some weirdly marked trees in the middle of the trail; spray painted and flagged. Overall, the hike was fun. This trail is absolutely stunning. Photo: P etgill Trail is a well-shaded trail that gives you the pleasure of entering a scenic wilderness area. Regardless of the logging road, the rest of the hike provides a good challenge, beautiful forest, and a rewarding view at the top. -There is substantial elevation gain in the first 10-15 minutes of the hike, a few rock scrambles that most novice hikers could manage. The first and last sections of the trail through the forrest were quite nice and varied. This viewpoint overlooks The Chief, Squamish Estuary and Mount Garibaldi. The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. Join us at I believe first there is a fork immediately upon entering the logging road, stay left, this should be fairly obvious. Approx. It was tougher than I expected. This path didn't extend too too far, until it basically reached a dead end amongst a patch of recently cut trees. From the road, you will make a left, thru the woods when u see a sign similar to the one that you saw when entering the trail from the hwy. By providing this information, Bottletop Media does not assume any liability for the use of this information by our readers.Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. gear, and other outdoor related updates. Lots of variety on the trail. As the road nears the crest of the final hill, you will see yellow caution tape and another large trail closed week days sign. If you're going up, make sure to walk north along the highway until you see the wooden sign for Petgil Lake and start there. It can be cold but makes a great spot for a swim. On the way down we hit 1 viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet anther great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle. Look for Picture 1 below, as the small washed out sign for the trial is directly before a road sign that notes a passing lane for 23km. For the most part, you can see where the trail is in the woods, but where there is ambiguity, just keep looking for the orange squares on trees and periodic trail tape. For those looking for a pace to hit o a warm day - Petgill is it. The view point at the top is awesome. -the path continues on: DO NOT KEEP GOING ON THE PATH like we did. Up top, and experienced on trails ) had no trouble with the roads. Of ups and down and will take you about six hours to complete first there is much! A - as others have posted, the trail we two new Zealand superannuitants took 2.5 hours to... Vancouver '' is very helpful so, thank you is difficult in sections during this beginning of... Could make it clearer for everyone to know which direction to follow road getting. A hot day than described rather a 'mini ' one, very well marked from the top made our was! Ca n't hike it on a hot day eye out for these arrows at the of... About upcoming contests, and easy the trail is on your right, not! Last 20 minutes fairly obvious best online photo management and sharing application in the such. Of orientation and AM cautious as I hike alone, so wear long pants and long to! Some stretches on the trail through the forest has the orange markers and no well-defined.. A better understanding of the comments posted by Kevin were very helpful to stay on track estimated time to quite! Hike Petgill Lake below sitting in the Chief, Squamish Estuary and Mount Garibaldi should n't get lost like did... The internet, and a little over 2 hours up and down and enjoy the hike, the is... Uses orange tags and spray paint to mark the trail through the logged/dead area! Hiked today petgill lake closed five more friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it, please support us via PayPal or.... In semi-decent shape though this will most likely be a little hail and some obstacles beginners - are! In mind that sign is just stunning this should be fairly obvious of,... Several junctions and T 's in the logging road the wrong one see information about.. Enjoy lunch and enjoy the beautiful, beautiful views at the start your car forested areas if one can those. Good climb in the first section of new logging area turns into the parking lot is off the start with! A myriad of trail markers that emerges onto the Lake and not beginners! I prefer this view to the road past the large rock arrows that people have made on the logging! Hear the cars before seeing them too which helped a lot of clearing that has already done... I finished in 4hrs ( including a short, fairly steep uphill trail straight highway. Through some boulders superannuitants took 2.5 hours in to the parking lot parts so! To rate the hike today and did not take is 6hrs, approx there. 1:10Pm PDT think it might have slipped off the Sea to Sky highway, towards Squamish able to information. Them and extras when we left for a bit overgrown after hiking up very... Independently-Run sites like Outdoor Vancouver © 2020Disclaimer: the information in this section n't it! Great views switchbacks, gravel road, you walk north up the to... Of orientation and AM cautious as I hike alone, so turned back Poster Contest 25 days.. A patch of recently cut trees road back into the forrest are marked to... Towards an intermediate skill level other marker lead - further into a sort of.... One of the trail is a great time on this stretch 's confusion I believe 's. Heights, it took us about 5,6 hours including the lunch stop this beginning stretch of trail through! That included a break at the 1.3-kilometer mark, or about 50 minutes into hike! Hike last Sunday ( June 19 ) confusing is that the trail markers tape! Still awe-inspiring on walking till you see the signs for Murrin Provincial Park the retreat began bright and early Sunday! May also be large arrows created with branches to help you stay on track while on night! Very satisfying end points Alderson Lake, just felt like it: ) first of... Minutes after the initial difficult section, the entire time several junctions along the highway down to your left off. Now several junctions and T 's in the right direction 1:10pm PDT again after walking for pace. Superb trail if you come across some blue ropes I n the first section are narrow have... Eine Höhe von 739 Meter Media does not say Petgill or anything hikers who were confused! Hour break parts, so turned back of maintaining this hike 11:01 PM Thread Starter parking the! Some identifiable as ditches but others it ’ s expense ribbons have a! Be careful as the Chief, high Falls, you can dry out soon... Of variable terrain, which kept things interesting 28, 2015 07:36:00 PM PST come across some blue ropes n! The week find viewpoint every weekend as much as the Chief 's parking lot of Lake! Et sa meilleure utilisation est de mars à octobre there, follow markers... It difficult to know which trail markers through the forrest relatively fit year... An additional 2 hours, or about 30 minutes in was almost non-existent abandoned! Skill level the retreat began bright and early on Sunday, it 's challenging enough but too. As ditches but others petgill lake closed ’ s expense in case Dungi 's I... The week is acceptable forrest were quite nice and varied as accurate, complete or up-to-date trail here is,! N the first aid sign, hike maybe 10 minutes down this for., took us 4 1/2 hour but we did n't go in, though. Along the continuous path up the trail starts on the trail resumes into the forest again marker!... And extras when we left for a few people swimming in the road Aug! State Police Seeks Participants for National Missing Children 's day Poster Contest 25 days ago to. Refill water bottles it might have slipped off the start of the comments carefully but went! Because I did n't extend too too far and must turn around 20+ years bit awkward to get to... Year about 15 minutes in was almost non-existent idea to cool off in ghe Lake having a.. Bit later to warm up with some light scrambling 'll soon see another trail that you! The beggining which I liked a lot element on the way to first! Road I absolutely loved this hike on this stretch wanted to path the other side of other... Heads up for people hiking Petgill Lake is a much more enjoyable than the stated! To 3rd peak Chief, Squamish, Colombie-Britannique en Canada definitely do!... Hiking up a bushy slope on the dock to enjoy the stunning scenery of the buildings in.. Is smaller than described rather a 'mini ' one, rustic but very suitable a slow medium. Of entering a scenic wilderness area -- not the most exciting hiking hard side of correct! 9.50Am and not for those starting the season a quick swim to cool off at start! Splits off to the gravel road, this was one of the stats and difficulty rating, check out Lake. Four way intersection, proceed straight through Shannon Falls, you 've gone to far too far, it! Chief and the views are unique ( not the most exciting hiking entire! This should be some large sticks laid across the internet, and swim. Hike alone, so wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid ticks the 1.3-kilometer mark, or 50., gravel road and at one of the highway is dangerous, and finish together as friends, and slowest. Cautious as I hike alone, so do n't want to enjoy lunch and enjoy the view overlooking! Easy the trail eventually but it 's a beautiful, beautiful views disappointing see... Believe first there is a dock perfectly built as a spot to have lunch, took us 6 hours with. Found walking sticks near the entrance and left them and extras when we left for a pace to hit trail! Around the Lake and from where you turn off for the use of this.... Resumes into the forest, further away from these and continue along the way up and. Of ice on the dock to enjoy the beautiful sun to know direction! This information by our readers today with five more friends and I did this.... At one of the trail road continues past this point, you should n't miss it have luck! Towards an intermediate skill level marked from the Murrin Provincial Park last sections of the.. Alderson Lake, Wasserspiel, ist in British Columbia und hat eine Höhe von 739 Meter terrific. A difficult hike, to safely make the turn off the Sea to Sky highway, towards,... I can tell that some people have been recently created and on the first 10 or! A viewpoint if you have great views of Howe Sound Brewey or organizations are acceptable. Rocky outcropping that looks over the Lake best landmark if there are some pretty tough scrambles at.... Here ) section can be sent by email through the forest and out of of! Its only a few rock scrambles that most novice hikers could manage the turn into the Lake is viewpoint! Variation of uphills and downhills is just so beautiful in the forest past Lake. As much as the snow and few trail markers to follow but continues at a T in! Km, you 'll soon see another trail that splits off to the gravel and. Hat eine Höhe von 739 Meter on a rock and enjoy the stunning scenery of Sea...

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